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best dog clipper reviews

​​Grooming your pet dog can turn into a truly nightmarish experience, especially if you do not have the right tools and the knowledge of how to go about the grooming procedure. Of course, getting your dog groomed by a professional is always an option if you are willing to spend a hefty amount. However, it is generally recommended that smaller grooming exercises such as brushing of the dog’s coat and nail clipping should be done by the owners themselves.

Get the right tools

The first step to grooming your pet is to buy the right kind of grooming tools and accessories. Dog clippers come in many different brands and variants. For example, there are different clippers for different parts of the body. The size and shape of the clippers also varies according to the size of the dog.

Before buying a pair of clippers, it would be best to conduct a thorough research on the best dog clippers available in the market and the ones which are most suitable for your dog. The best way would be to buy a dog grooming kit which would also come with other accessories required for grooming like scissors, brush etc.

Best brands of dog clippers

The best kinds of dog clippers are identified by their heavy duty design, good quality material used for the blades and body and various features such as multiple speed options etc. The two best brands which satisfy all these criteria and are recommended by professionals too are Andis and Oyester dog clippers.

These two brands make some of the most heavy duty dog clippers which are sure to last you several years. Moreover, the design and construction of the clippers is such that they are convenient to use and do not cause any discomfort to the dog either.

Tips for using dog clippers

Since you are investing some cash in buying a good pair of dog clippers, you would want to get the maximum return for your money. To ensure that, it is important to know the proper way of using the clippers and to take care of them. The following are some useful tips which will help you with the use and maintenance of these tools:

The clippers should be cleaned thoroughly after every use. It is also recommended to oil them after every use or at the very least after every alternate use so that they are kept well lubricated.
Keep in mind that the clippers are made of some delicate parts which can be damaged if the clippers are dropped from a height or are knocked about. To prevent this, make sure to keep the clippers in a sturdy box and take them out only when required.
To make the grooming task easier, clean and wash your dog’s coat before starting with the clipping. Also make sure to use a hair dryer to dry out the coat completely for greater efficiency during clipping.
While clipping, keep checking after every few minutes whether the blade is getting hot. Friction between the blade and dirt/hair can cause the blade to get hot. If it is indeed heating up, stop the clipping immediately as it can be harmful for the blade and quite painful for your dog.

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